Ana Lima de Carvalho


Master student in Production Engineering in University of São Paulo, São Carlos, Brazil. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. Worked for 4 years as a Supply Chain Management consultant.

Description du projet:

For many years, Sales and Operations Plannning process, or S&OP, had been considered as the promise of alignment between demand and supply that would provide the solution to all planning problems to companies. However, time has shown that in volatile planning environments with high levels of uncertainty, S&OP no longer provides all the expected benefits, failing to meet the expectations of numerous organizations that have put great efforts to implement it. As result, in recent years, there have been adaptations of planning processes to meet the need for alignment that S&OP was unable to deliver. These adaptations have often appeared in the form of a weekly « S&OP », with short-term horizon, weekly frequency and low level of plans aggregation. However, a more sophisticated solution found to address the need for more agile planning was the creation of a new process that aims to link S&OP to the Master Production Schedule (MPS) called Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE). Although the subject has arisen for some time, studies on the subject are scarce. Thus, the goal of my research is to refer this process in academic literature in an in-depth way.