Frédéric Letullier

After working as an ERP consultant for the largest consulting firms in Paris, Frédéric began a career in the international civil service in 2002 as a Treasury officer for UNESCO, where, among other projects, he implemented a SAP solution for international payments. Since then, Frédéric has served the UN in several capacities, from the administrative manager of UNESCO in Rabat and New York, to the Deputy Treasurer of the UN in Geneva (UNOG), to the most recent post of chief of services conference at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal since 2011. He has completely redesigned operations, professionalized conference services and automated logistics management. Frédéric is the embodiment of a citizen of the world, not only because he can conduct a conversation in four languages, or because he has traveled to more than fifty countries, but also because he loves small restaurants so much from Nathan Road in Hong Kong than a Michelin. Michelin-starred restaurant in Budapest or New York. As Head of Conference Services, Frédéric is responsible for assessing and balancing the needs of many international and diplomatic events (around 500 per year) within budget, which means that the numbers are another language that Frédéric masters.