Nathalie Cadieux

Nathalie Cadieux holds a Ph.D in industrial relations and is an associate professor in the department of management and HRM and responsible for the HRM option at the BAA of the Business School of Université de Sherbrooke. Professor Cadieux is co-director of the intelliLab and associate researcher of the Observatory on Health and Well-being at Work (OSMET). Experienced researcher in partnership research, she is currently leading a Canada-wide research project aimed to better understanding the determinants of wellness at work among lawyers. She collaborating since 3 years with IntelliLab’s members, in the context of research in partnership with manufacturing companies, in order to better understand the consequences of the digital transformation of companies on human resources management. She is also interested in the levers available to managers to ensure successful change management as part of their transition to 4.0. Author of several scientific publications and international conferences, Professor Cadieux was also the recipient of awards for the exceptional quality of her teaching in human resources management. Concerned about the spinoffs of her research for practical circles, she participates annually in numerous activities for the transfer of learning from her research within companies and professional associations.

research interests:

HRM practices / activities to support the digital transformation of businesses

•        Mental health and well-being at work among professionals

•        Change management 

•        Impacts of 4.0 Technologies on Organizational Behaviors and Occupational Health

•        Technostress