Thomas Boisvert St-Arnaud


Having founded several organizations, Thomas is as much a practitioner as a researcher. From his doctorate in administration to the community and cooperative projects he started, to its international implications, his experiences have prepared him for the demands of research.

Project: Center the public service on value creation
Direction P re Elaine Paiva Mosconi, Department of Information Systems and Quantitative Methods

Project description:

I am a doctoral candidate in administration at the University of Sherbrooke. I’m interested in organizational governance through the prism of unpredictability of environments - to the mess - organizations try to add robustness and resilience through control. In doing so, they sclerose their structures and cut themselves off from humans. Attention is then focused on internal performance and speed, regardless of the quality of the products and services, or their effect. Efficiency becomes an end in itself. However, I intuit, through a comparison of my experiences, field data and theoretical constructs, that a systemic approach to governance would allow organizations to create value by serving people rather than structure. >

I propose to conduct research aimed at better understanding the creation of value in terms of governance in order to identify the mechanisms capable of generating value within organizations, regardless of the sector in which they work. 


Professional profiles: