Denise Franco


graduate in Industrial Engineering – State University of São Paulo (2007-2012); Master in Industrial Engineering – Federal University of São Carlos (2013-2014); Theme: Green supply chain managment; PHD.  in Industrial Engineering – Federal University of São Carlos (2015 – now); Theme: Additive manufacturing in supply chain/business model; Intern – Université de Sherbrooke (2017 jan-jul)

Project description:

A change in consumption has impacted industrial production, which currently tends to a volume production low of customized products. To remain competitive on these trends the Fourth Industrial Revolution, companies have sought new manufacturing techniques to equip themselves with the necessary tools for greater flexibility and economic production. The additive manufacturing (AM) can be considered as such technique and has become one of the major phenomena of rupture that will impact supply chains. The greatest potential for disruption of this technology clearly lies in industrial applications and how it will influence the supply chain. Thus, this research aims to explore the impact of the AM in environmental, economic and operational performance in the supply chain. For this, we intend to use the case study method in order to refine the theory. Moreover, the method of modeling and simulation will also be applied in order to measure, evaluate and compare the performance of the supply chain with the adoption of AM. Case study and qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) methods have been selected to explore the impact of MA in the supply chain. Thus, this research will seek a balance between of the literature and practical exploration, related to the case study and QCA. These two methods will be contrasted with the literature and thus can obtain the triangulation analysis of the research data. With the search results is expected can identify the impacts of AM in the supply chain and business model.