Jamel Gamra

An accomplished and motivated professional with 30 years of experience in different leadership positions. A scientist who believes in the potential of applied research. An entrepreneurial engineer, an experienced manager and an innovative strategist. An open-minded man who embodies the heritage of the great values ​​of integrity, diversity and excellence.

Project: Impact of collaborative innovation on the performance of manufacturing SMEs in the context of Industry 4.0
Direction : P re Elaine Paiva Mosconi, Department of Information Systems and Quantitative Methods

Project description

Faced with the challenges of globalization and Industry 4.0 which affect the environment of Quebec manufacturing SMEs, they are looking for new practices allowing them to adopt and integrate new technologies. They are called upon to question themselves about the new strategic directions, which they are called upon to do frequently in their journey. Without the means and own resources to innovate and integrate the technology by using it to its full potential, they are offered opportunities for collaboration with different stakeholders. Either opportunities created by the government and its multiple stakeholders, or through initiatives with professional partners, they multiply efforts to increase and survive through collaborative innovation. Collaborative innovation represents one of the trends in innovation management and continues to generate interest among researchers, practitioners and decision-makers. Despite its potential, its realization is complex to adopt and deploy on a large scale. This explains the weakness and the delay noted in the conceptualization of the phenomenon, especially in the context of manufacturing SMEs. This research aims to propose a collaborative innovation model aimed at developing capacities for exploring technologies, exploiting technologies and reconfiguring the resources of manufacturing SMEs in order to enable them to create value. Using the concept of dynamic capabilities, this research contributes to identifying means and tools allowing to favor the success of the digital shift of manufacturing SMEs in the context of Industry-4.0.


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