Murilo Marques

Murilo Marques, a doctoral candidate in administration at the University of Sherbrooke, is a specialist in public management and has a law degree. For 8 years, he was program coordinator at the National School of Public Administration in Brazil. His current research focuses on collaborative models of innovation, the living room methodology labs et l’apprentissage de l’innovation. 

Project: Models of innovation learning: public and private laboratories facing the construction and dissemination of innovative skills
Direction: P re Elaine Paiva Mosconi and P r Luis Antonio De Santa-Eulalia, Department of Information Systems and Quantitative Methods
Project description: 

In a changing world, practical modes of innovation are converging towards a strong collaborative trend. This has enabled the emergence of integrated models of innovation, which sets the living lab apart. Living laboratories are spaces for multidisciplinary experimentation with ideas, data and new concepts, the main capacity of which would be to co-create solutions in real-life contexts while integrating user participation.  

However, the living lab methodology is still underdeveloped, which hampers the implementation of new initiatives. Also, in the field of innovation, little work has focused on learning issues, although organizational learning is at the heart of the innovation sustainability process.  

Our research aims to develop a methodological solution for livings labs. We are looking to determine what learning methods and tools could be added to the functioning of a living lab, to improve the satisfaction of the people and organizations involved, the sustainability of the projects and the quality of the results.